LED light / 2011

Unique Light GmbH, Dachau, Germany

Industrial Design / Implementation

die:haptiker GmbH

Glare-free light and perfect color reproduction

Dazzling and perfect colour reproduction – almost invisible and minimalistic: Neophos 1 is a light like no other: ultra-flat yet powerful and efficient. As a modern LED light, it can generate a high level of light intensity despite being extremely small. It distributes its light so harmoniously in the room that it is scarcely perceived as a light source.
The demands on our designers were huge in this project: There was actually no space for technology, but this had to be accommodated anyway. The light had to not actually be perceived but yet become a “little miracle of light”, as well as also being manufacturable!
Through interdisciplinary collaboration with Unique Light and various metal and plastic manufacturing experts, we managed to create a product that is absolutely unique from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.