Wonderful creative minds

At die:haptiker GmbH, each team member has an own mind, with all employees sharing their passion for design.
That’s a good thing because in this way, wonderful and creative designers, digital experts and people with the most diverse interests and talents can create a team that takes on and overcomes every challenge and thinks far outside the box.

Tobias Rau

Junior Designer / Technischer Produktdesigner

Tobias has been on board with us since 2018. During his training as a technical product designer, he quickly developed an enthusiasm for precise and detail-oriented alias modelling. Tobias now supports us energetically and inquisitively with fulfilling our orders. We particularly value his fresh way of thinking and openness.

Markus Schmid

Teamlead + Senior Designer, Automotive Design / Dipl. Designer (FH)

Markus Schmid has been an employee at our company since 2013 and leads our automotive team. His extremely long-standing experience in surfacing and automobile design has very much shaped our workflows. Markus coordinates his team members purposefully and acts as a project manager. The ability to question many things in a meaningful way and also bring light to the „dark side“ of projects is what sets him apart.

Arkadiusz Jaszczuk

Senior Designer / Dipl. Designer (FH)

Markus Kiermaier

Senior Designer / Industrial Designer (BA)

Markus Kiermaier’s responsibilities lie in creative work in the areas of capital goods, trade fair and product design. He makes a significant contribution to the workflow for many of our customers. He has supported us with this since 2012.

Regine Heinrich

Teamlead + Creative Director, Product Design / Dipl. Designer (FH)

Regine has been with us since 2006 and therefore has the greatest wealth of experience in the team. Her main responsibilities are project management and team building in the Product Design team. Projects under her leadership follow high quality standards. In addition, she enjoys researching methods and techniques to improve the creative process, structure it and cultivate it in everyday life.

Sabine Gottmann

Office Coordination

Patrick Scholl

Managing Director / Dipl. Designer (FH)

In 2000, Patrick became the third owner of what was then still a small team. He takes responsibility for automotive and lighting design at our company. As an Alias specialist, he patiently trains our newcomers. In addition, his daily business covers project management, as well as staff development.

Tom Wolf

Managing Director / Dipl. Designer (FH)

Tom has been a Managing Director of die:haptiker GmbH alongside Jörg Ostenrieder since 1996. As well as taking a lead on automotive and product-related issues, he is a passionate VR specialist and researches CAD and VR-specific software. As a speaker and consultant on CAD software, Tom delivers lectures and training on an international level.

Jörg Ostenrieder

Managing Director / Dipl. Designer (FH)

Jörg founded die:haptiker GmbH together with Tom Wolf in 1996. Even though he is now primarily concerned with corporate development, our general financial policy and company accounting, as well as personnel-related matters, Jörg likes to use his skills as a designer with core competencies in capital goods and trade fair design.

Our Team Lead

Passion for your projects

With empathy and oversight, our team leaders, Regine Heinrich and Markus Schmid succeed in leading our product design team and our two automotive design teams and implementing projects in a target-oriented manner.
The Team Leaders are committed to passing on our passion for design, create team affiliation and positive group dynamics to create the foundation for the best possible results.

Managing Directors

Creating your future

The three founding members, Jörg Ostenrieder, Tom Wolf and Patrick Scholl, form the management team of die:haptiker GmbH.
Early on, we had the goal of independence in mind and thus had already started to build up a small customer base while studying, which kept growing. We have been working successfully for customers from various sectors of industry since 1996. We support projects from the initial idea through to implementation.
Thanks to these many years of experience, we understand our customers perfectly and have grown to fully meet all challenges. We are not only creatives when it comes to the product or companion in the field of design development, but also supportive corporate consultants – an individual partner for professional design.
These various skills and our enthusiasm for the interests of our customers combined with perseverance and wide-ranging commitment form the perfect basis for the success of die:haptiker GmbH so far.