Portrait and Philosophy

Creating your future

Extraordinary, innovative and fully developed design does not just happen by accident. It comes from a combination of quality, functionality, aesthetics and durability. The aim is a product – no compromises. Environmental concerns play a more significant role than ever in the success of a product.
A wide range of design services, as well as a strong team, are required for this, in order to achieve a product that is as successful as possible with you as a partner and customer.
The die:haptiker GmbH team – led by Jörg Ostenrieder, Tom Wolf and Patrick Scholl – has been taking on an extremely wide variety of challenges for more than 20 years, proving that it can develop these challenges into successful complete concepts with a range of varying mindsets.
Deep analyses, clear visions and superb ideas for creative work are a fundamental prerequisite for this. Just as important as part of this is the right strategy, technical knowledge and expedient communication. Effective project management helps to ensure that the appropriate solution is always found.
Part of our philosophy is constantly looking ahead with commitment and positivity. For us, this also includes a glance around the corner, which often also shows us the way forward.


Concentrating competences

By working with our team, you gain a partner who understands how to develop ideas together with you, how to get your product off the ground successfully and present it on the market strategically.
die:haptiker GmbH helps develop your product from your specifications and wishes under functional, ergonomic, aesthetic, qualitative and economic, as well as ecological conditions. In this process, we see ourselves as a responsible translator from the abstract to the tangible. Working together with you, visions are turned into reality and ideas into tangible products; we work with you to design your future.

Industrial Design

Our aim is for your product to maintain its own character – whether it is for private or industrial use. It is characterised by functional as well as aesthetic aspects and also trends, which we always keep an eye on. Together with you, we decide whether the product design we develop will be timeless, contemporary or forward-looking.
Future-oriented can also be sustainable. For example, our team has many years of experience in the development of “green IT” products, which comply with ecological standards.

Automotive Design

We draw on a wealth of experience in automotive design and accessories. We know that it’s not just about finding a functional, ergonomic and aesthetic form for the technical framework. Rather, the company’s brand values must be translated. Whether sportiness, comfort or technological progress – the design will arouse emotions!

Capital Goods Design

We develop designs for your machines and systems that represent high quality and give a face to your brand. Capital goods require years of development and sophisticated technology – values that must be reflected in good design. Ergonomics forms the basis for making work processes simpler and safer in this regard.

Exhibition and Public Design

With concepts that creatively interpret and present your company’s identity, you will leave a lasting impression on customers and interested parties at trade fairs and exhibitions. We develop the right solution for every budget: from a simple trade fair stand to complex, large-scale stands with very complex technology behind their façades. In addition to designing, we also implement projects for all trades, such as trade fair construction, lighting, networks, media and catering. The result always is an object handed over to you that is “ready to use”.
We interpret ‘public design’ as objects that we develop for public spaces: Our great wealth of experiences is the result of projects ranging from e-mobility charging stations through complete house façades to complete rebranding of whole industrial sites across Europe.

Design Implementation

Adapting a design to the requirements of serial production requires the highest possible level of precision. We offer you our passionate love for detail and many years of experience in design implementation. The highest standards of quality are second nature to us. Facilitation and coordination between the client and the manufacturer form the basis for this process.

Graphic, corporate and user interface design

Our range of graphic design services includes the development of complete corporate looks, icons and screen design and the implementation of your corporate identity across all communication channels. From the logo to the complete office outfitting to the software application for a special application – we work with you to find the optimum solution for your print material, your website, your app or even your team clothing.

Visualization and animation

What does a product look like in 3D? Photo-realistic real-time visualisations serve as a basis for decision-making and offer an alternative to cost-intensive model making.
The opportunities offered by visualisations and animations are virtually limitless.

Consulting and Training

Over the course of time, we have designed many products, supported their production and successfully launched them. Inevitably, in addition to your actual profession as a designer, you also become a strategy expert.
Our team has acquired demonstrably outstanding skills in the field of CAD application on a variety of platforms and the visualisation and animation of products. We would also like to share these skills with you.
We would be delighted to offer you corporate consulting services or targeted training sessions either on our premises or yours.

Advertising equipment and means

In addition to your outstanding products, a consistent corporate design and your business documents, your company must also attract attention. Based on our many years of experience, we develop advertising system and signage concepts from individual companies to large companies throughout Europe and project manage their implementation. In addition, we also maintain a meaningful and consistent portfolio of promotional items that are custom-made or personalised for your company.

Prototyping and functional models

We would also be delighted to develop the production of functional prototypes for your future products. Depending on the level of reality and proximity to the series, these functional models can be used to perform a series of relevant tests for the later series. In addition, you can experience the combination of design and functionality for the first time.


Proud of working together with

Global Recognition

Design awards for brilliant design

Our commitment to excellence has been recognised many times by world-renowned, prestigious design awards. Of course, this type of award also gives our customers the added advantage of drawing attention to their outstanding product with its award-winning benefits more effectively on the market.

Design Process

Absolute secrecy is important

Before we begin, we conclude all agreements with our customers and partners regarding the process, organisation and secrecy of a design project.
The priority is intensive research into a deep understanding of the market and framework conditions, to create excellent products and to assist our customers in achieving great success on the market later.
The creative process can begin on the basis of this information. From the idea to the serial product, proven creative techniques and strategies help us to find the best solution together with the customer. With our partners from the worlds of technology, development, marketing and sales etc., we succeed in supporting your process until the product is ready. In doing so, we always keep you up-to-date about all development phases in an open process: with us, you participate in the design process at strategically meaningful points. You get involved and we stay on track with your ideas.
In innovation projects, we have our patent lawyers provide advice in parallel to the process in order to legally protect the uniqueness of the products and to exclude possible imitators on the market.


Where we come from

Tom Wolf and Jörg Ostenrieder founded “die haptiker” as a partnership in 1996. Patrick Scholl came on board in 2000. The partnership became a limited company, which now employs a team of 15 permanent members of staff.
In addition to our team, we are pleased to have grown a very functional network of partner companies in the immediate vicinity of our site over time.
die:haptiker GmbH is 100% owner-managed and operates completely independently. 450 m² of office space gives our team and guests plenty of room for creativity.


Brenner Verpackung GmbH. Fair stands


ASYS Reinraum technology, AcryBox


Biontis GmbH


Rhombus Rollen GmbH
Clinicwheel RHOMBUS 399




Fujitsu SIEMENS,
Pocket LOOX N100


Card OS Healthcare


HL Studios
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Osram DRL


MAN Energy Solutions