Solar Car / 2017

Sono Motors GmbH, München, Germany

Design and Strak

die:haptiker GmbH in cooperation with Sono Motors GmbH

Design and Feasibility

In the end, it’s always time that turns a project into a challenge: Kick-off mid-January and final data submission at the end of February. This meant that we only had one week for the design. It was important to the producers at SONO Motors that we incorporate design features from their concept specification into the new designs.
Thanks to new modelling techniques (NX Realize Shape), it was possible at an early stage to create a digital design model and carry out the first package analyses together with the prototype manufacturer Roding. Above all, however, the customer was able to visualise the ‘new’ Sion early on.
Our interpretation of ‚digital clay‘ served as a basis for the preparation of the surfacing. The package specifications made it easier for us to define the correct surface layout in Autodesk Alias and to finalise the exterior, along with all details.
Many thanks to our Automotive team, who succeeded in achieving a phenomenal result in the shortest possible time: Markus, Erol, André, Maxim, Patrick and Tom, as well as all the “thinkers” who were also involved.